HiKOKI’s new high pressure air compressor EC4516HY(S)/HiKOKI 的新型高压空气压缩机 EC4516HY(S)

Hello, This time we would like to introduce HiKOKI’s new high-pressure air compressor EC4516HY(S).

大家好、这次我们要向您介绍的是 HiKOKI 的新型高压空气压缩机 EC4516HY(S)。



Industry first! Multivolt battery with boost function (max. 2 batteries can be installed)
Industry’s largest discharge capacity of 115 L/min (boost mode, 2.3 MPa (140% of current product))
Capable of the most continuous operation in its class!
Input power increased from 1,500W to 2,000W. Greatly improved nailing work capacity!

行业首创! 带增压功能的多伏特电池(最多 2 个电池)
115 升/分钟的业界最大放电能力(增压模式,2.3 兆帕(当前产品的 140)
输入功率从 1,500 W 提高到 2,000 W。 大大提高了打钉能力。



Tank re-filling is overwhelmingly fast!

Reduced tank filling time Filling time is as fast as HiKOKI’s conventional products, yet the amount of work is about 3 times faster.


缩短油箱注油时间。 填充时间与 HiKOKI 传统产品一样快,但工作量却增加了约三倍。


Designed for ease of use
Square design improves work efficiency!

Smallest footprint in its class. The square shape and short depth allow the unit to fit easily into and out of storage space.


同类产品中占地面积最小。 方形的外形和较短的深度使其易于放入和取出存储空间。



Improved operability by integrating all controls into the front panel!

All operations such as switch panel, pressure reducing valve, coupler, air tank connection port, drain cock, etc., are located on the front for improved operability!





Large, easy-to-read LCD display!

Pressure display, mode switching, abnormality detection, application communication status, etc. are shown on the display, making the compressor status easy to understand and operate.

大尺寸、易读的 LCD 显示屏!




Adoption of drain muffler structure!

The unique drain muffler structure reduces drain exhaust noise and prevents condensate scattering.





Comfortable work with low vibration
Comfortable work with less vibration transmitted to floors and walls!

Low vibration, 25% less than conventional HiKOKI products, is realized.


振动小,比 HiKOKI 以前的产品振动小约 25%。



Charging function in the main unit
Multivolt batteries can be charged when the motor is stopped!



Three units are now in stock at our store.
They are on sale for 230,500 yen (including tax) instead of the regular price of 371,800 yen (including tax).
Please feel free to contact us!

原价为 371,800 日元(含税),现价为 230,500 日元(含税)。




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